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Delivery Driver - Job Guide

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Welcome to the Delivery Driver job guide, this will teach you everything you need to know!



Once you're here you will see a lady at the front desk, hold your alt menu and hover the eye over the lady. When you see that the eye is blue you are going to right click then click View jobs. 


Once you open the menu there will be different jobs you could choose from this is where you choose your job which will be a Delivery Driver.

Congrats you are now a delivery driver

Once your job is set to Delivery Driver you are going to make your way to the Delivery Shed



There will be a white arrow this is where you will pull out your work vehicle




You will get a van with supply to deliver to different places



Once you pull out the van you will get a marker on your GPS, This is where you are going to have to deliver these products  



Then to delver it you simply walk to the door them press 'E' to deliver it

You may have to delver a few products to the same place but when you finish it will give you a new location to go to



There will be a delivery point where you have to go inside the store it's the same thing except you go inside and put it in the fridge




Once you feel like you have delivered enough products you could go back to the warehouse then put the van away 


Once you finished and you put your van away you come to this computer to collect your pay slip once you collect it you will get paid depending on how much you delivered.

                                                                 Congrats you have completed the Delivery job have fun

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