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Mining - Job Guide

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Welcome to the Mining job guide, this will teach you everything you need to know!

Head to the job centre.


The Job Centre is located here


Once you've made it here, you need to head inside. Now head to the right side of the main desk and using your alt muscle + right clicking, a menu will appear. Select the Miner job. Congratulations you're now a Miner!


Now you're going to need a vehicle. A truck would be best suitable as you're going off road, and you'll need additional storage to carry the rocks. Below is just an example. You can get a beater truck, they’re not too expensive.


This is the Mine Shaft.


You want to head here on your map.


You'll see a man outside with a clipboard. You need to go up to him, using your alt muscle + right clicking a little shop will appear. You'll need to buy the following items for this job.


Once you've acquired these items you're ready to head inside and get some work done. Once you head inside (We recommend you use your flashlight as it is quite dark) you'll see a rock on the wall, there's also one further down on the right hand side.


Go up to the rock and using your alt muscle + right clicking you can start to mine the rock.


Once you've mined enough Ore to fill your inventory you can either store some in the truck outside and continue, or finish and head to the next location. 

If you've finished you now need to head to the factory to continue. This is located here.


Once here, look for this door to get in.


Now head inside and look for this workbench to start the first stage 'cracking the rocks'. To crack the rock's walk up to the work bench and use your alt muscle + right click to start


While cracking the rocks you've mined you'll receive items such as Copper, Gold, Steel etc.


When you're ready to continue head to the smelter, located here. 


To smelt the Ore's walk up to the smelter and use your alt muscle + right clicking, you'll see a menu pop up where you'll choose what you'd like to smelt. Once you've chose the items you'd like to smelt you'll now receive smelted item's such as Gold bars, Iron etc.


You're almost done. Now you want to head to the crafting bench located here. To start creating Jewellery to sell, walk up to the crafting bench and use your alt muscle + right clicking.


You'll see a menu pop up where you'll choose what items you'd like to craft.


Now you're pretty much read to sell. So you want to head to Vangelico Jewellery Store located here.


You will see a man outside. He's the buyer. Go up to him and use your alt muscle + right clicking, you'll see a menu pop up where you'll choose what you'd like to sell. 


You'll receive cash for the sold items. To check how much cash you have type /cash.


That's it Congratulations!

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