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Leon's Intro

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*opens his eyes*

The dull chatter of the others around his was becoming clearer. The tuning in of certain words peaking his interests. The Captain alerts us over the intercom...

"Welcome to Los Santos, San Andreas. The weather is a mild 81 degrees. Please keep your seat belts fastened, devices off and trays in their upright position until we have come to a full stop. A huge thank you from myself and the rest of the flight staff for choosing to fly with us today and any of your future adventures" 

No more did he have to pull his arms in tight avoiding bothering the elderly black woman sitting next to him. In mere minutes, the screaming child would no longer infiltrate my earshot, the headache won't recede as fast sadly. The sound of the engines slowing down as we glide gracefully to the ground. The wheels touch ground and we come to a rumbling halt at the end of the runway. As I reach for my bag I think to myself "This is it...  my new home" *sighs* 

I walk down the ramp back into the airport terminal, down the stair into the arriving lobby and outside onto the oval shaped roadway.

Leon Martelli, Meet Los Santos.



Hello all, My name is John IRL, usually go by Johnny but there are a few already so I ran with Leon. This is my first dip in the pool in a modern day setting RP. Most of my experience come from Neverwinter Nights, DND, and SL. I am a pretty easy going guy. I have my mind on money so If I'm in game anywhere chances are I'm trying to make a buck. I have no idea just yet on where I am going with Leon. I have some ideas but it will take time to build up into this. So for now I'm just playing by ear. Trying to stay out of the way from others RP (bank robberies, races, etc.) I have met a few of you already, not formally. With time I'm sure I'll bump into some of you  here and there. Feel free to say  "Hi"

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