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Obtaining an ID / Getting a drivers license

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Welcome to American Dream Gaming. This guide will help you in obtaining an identification card AKA a ID as well as taking the written drivers license test and the driving portion of the test to obtain a Drivers License! "Make sure you have cash in your pocket"


Step One go to the DMV



Purchase a Identification card, Walk up to the green arrow  and press E



Make sure you enter the amount you want to purchase of Identification card's then left click on the ID card to purchase!




Congratulations you have purchased an Identification card! Now walk up the stair's to the second floor and enter the door to the right, You will find a room with a yellow circle and a bunch of desk's and chairs! This is where you will take the written part of the test to obtain a Driver's license! 


Enter the circle and press You will see Theoretical Driving Test press ENTER to start the test!



Congratulations you passed the test when you receive this message! If you Failed walk out of the circle and back in to the circle to retake the test, You will have to pay for every test you retake!



Now close the test window and walk out of the circle and back in to the circle and press  You will now be able to pick witch Drivers License you want to take Skill test! Highlight over the test then press Enter.




You will now be put in to the vehicle according to what test you choose to take. First check fuel level of the vehicle if it is low stop at the gas station and obtain a fuel can. Then follow yellow blimp's and the instructions for the test.  Little tip press Z while in the vehicle will set cruise control "GOOD LUCK"






Congratulations you made it back in one piece! If you receive this message you now have passed the Driving skill test. If you need to take the Truck skills test or the Motorcycle Skill Test you may go back up the stairs and follow the same steps! 798764152_Screenshot(800).thumb.png.3007d988895872e20aa1535588ba5aee.png

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