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My name is Destinee, but I'm more so known as "GirlJustGaming/GJG" within the GTA RP community. 
I'm a full-time youtuber with over 100,000 subscribers. Im also the Founder of "Funny-ish HQ" which is a upcoming "Gaming Team". We're a small group of streamers & talented content creators that wants to put a smile on peoples faces. To make this a long story short, We've pretty much out grown the current server we're in and ready to take our RP else where and start fresh in a new city to continue our storyline! 
I'm hoping to give the team a new RP home, where the staff care, there's decent RP and streamer friendly! Hope to hear back from you guys soon.

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Welcome to the city! We all hope you enjoy your stay here. If you or any of your friends have any questions please feel free to message any of the staff team!

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