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The fake firefighter of Los Santos and sort of Blaine county is not only an impersonator of the SAFD but an arsonist and plain criminal. Firefighter spent his days as a mechanic and high profile criminal while owning the company of Southend Mechanics. As the kind samaritan he is he gave away his business shares to the people who thought could run it better. These actions also show his real character late on in his journey. Firefighter than released the big money in cocaine and meth market. Firefighter gathered a bunch of his old time buddies and started pushing cocaine around the county and city. In an attempt to cover his shenanigans up, he made up the excuse of "fire fighting". This excuse ran solely on his outfit and helmet, and his fake stories of "saving a cat out of a tree by shooting it", firefighter was not only a down right criminal but also an arsonist. He would make attempts to pour gasoline on his enemies and set them ablaze, or lock his enemies in a car and through the car into a gas station. He would easily get away with this kind of stuff, including kidnappings played off by "teaching fire safety". Firefighter then started to get exposed for his fraudulent identify, where he started to go as a "business man" where he now works at dynasty 8. As well as getting recruited by the "Banditos"

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