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Hello everyone, the name is Franky Finger and I'm from Upstate NY.   I'm a 30 yr old OG with skills to match my history. I grew up a poor kid with problems, From the Foster homes as a child to the Boys homes
as a teenager, I've been to over 30 schools in my life and can't say I learned much aside from developing manipulation skills to get what I wanted.  
I've had my fair share of struggles but that has defined who I am today and I found myself to enjoy gaming as a support system to keep me grounded.    

My parents passed away when I was about 18 and that flipped my whole world upside down.  I chose to surround myself with friends that apparently were in gangs, I thought they were like family but I quickly learned
that I was being used as a pawn and that was something I didn't want to continue doing, the damage was done which resulted in me being shot 4 times.      

I was always known as a fighter growing up, kind of crazy and someone you'd call when things need to get handled but I'm a comedian at heart as long as you don't mistake my kindness for weakness because that could put us both in bad situations.   

(Job experience) I've worked in many industries from warehouse jobs, factories, construction, and anything that required manual labor so I know how to get my hands dirty.  
I'd prefer to work legally like deliveries or construction and find something that satisfies my urges to stay away from "The bad guys" even though  eventually we'd find each other like magnets. 

I moved to Los Santos to find a new passion and build friendships with people like myself but I get along with everyone and treat others how I'd like to be treated.

I can't say I wouldn't resort to criminal activities if it meant I could live a better life financially but I also don't go out of my way to look for trouble or to get arrested. 

I'm a man of many voices including the voices in my head that have tendencies to lead me down the wrong path on more than one occasion but it's all life lessons right?

I look forward to meeting everyone in the city and hopefully, I'm able to settle down to make Los Santos my permanent home.   

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Welcome to the city! We hope you enjoy you're stay!! If you ever have any questions feel free to to reach out to any of us. We're all here to help!!

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