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Introduction of Deadpool

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Name: Sir Deadpool.
Age: 27
Location: Australia
Occupation: Unemployed/Entertainer for friends.
Hobbies: Gaming, Anime, RP, talking with friends.

About me:   Growing up on the gold coast i had a fun childhood while growing up even though i was a little shit and trouble maker sometimes. I enjoy playing games with friends as it makes the days more fun and enjoyable as i love to give entertainment. You might find me a bit annoying at first but I'm only wanting to play games with people and also make friends. I'm not the easiest to chat with as i am on the social disorder spectrum of Asperger's syndrome. When you get to know me im quite open about my self and im not afraid to show who i am.

PS. Ive wanted to join this server and community as i have been refered by Bashinskulls as i am one of his viewers and also Mod's in his stream.

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