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The thrill of community interaction, friendship, and most important; loyalty. Founded in March of 2017, American Dream Roleplay has grown to impressive heights. Click below to connect to the server!

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    • Hello, my name is Cameron and i would like to introduce myself and find out how i apply to be a police officer or civilian  
    • Welcome to the Meat Processor job guide, This will teach you everything you need to know!   Head to the job center. Acquire the job!   Head to the chicken factory to clock IN.   Tip- Go to the clothing store and purchase a duffle bag so you can carry more in your pockets!     Head inside the factory and start collecting Live chickens.   Chop the live Chickens Process the chopped chickens Walk out front and purchase a rental truck, The rental company will hold a $500 deposit so make sure you return the truck!   Fill the truck with the processed chickens until full for maximum payout later! Tip-You can not lock the truck so be carful of the thieves!   Head to the drop off location to sell the processed meat!   Enter the parking lot and Press E to sell the product! Drive back to the chicken factory   Return the rented truck to receive your deposit back!       Congratulations you have completed your very first run of being a meat processor, now repeat the steps again!
    • Welcome to the world of fishing, This guide will be down and dirty.   You will need a few thing to start fishing! First you will need to obtain a Boat license, The price of the license is $10,000 and you need to have it in cash in your pocket! Go to this location to purchase the license.     Make sure you have $10,000 in your pocket in cash not your bank!     Now you will purchase a boat to fish from, Any boat will work except for the jet ski! Also once you purchase a boat it can be pulled out from any boat dock on the GPS. You will always have to come to the shop to purchase a boat!       Drive to this location to purchase a fishing rod.   Purchase 1 fishing rod and put it in your HOT KEY pocket!   Head to this location Next.   Walk up and speak to the Fishing Manager, The manager will update you on the fishing Hot Spots! Tip head to the gas station down the street and purchase a Fuel Can, Thank me later!   Head to this location to pull your boat out.   Pull your boat out that you purchased!   Check the fuel level of the boat, Fuel up with the jerry can you purchased.   Cruise over to one of the fishing hot spots.     Exit the boat so that you are standing on the platform, Then press G to cast your Rod.     Fishing you got to love how relaxing it is sit tight and wait for a Bit, Once a fish bits the hook you will need to press E when the slider is in the green!   Congratulations you caught your first fish, Press G to cast again and continue fishing until your pockets are full.   Head back to the boat dock to park the boat in the garage!   Head back to the Fishing Manager.   Now sell your prized winning fish you caught to the manager for a big pay out! Tip there are different fish you can catch that have really good payouts. Congratulation you now have all the info you need to complete the fishing job. Have fun and remember be safe on the water!                                                    
    • Welcome to the Post Op Job Guide. Today I will be showing you how to complete your job as a Post Ops driver! 1. Head to the job center, walk into the purple circle to get your job title   2. Head to your clock-in location.   3. Get into your truck! 4. Drive to your Drop off location. 5.  Grab your package out of the back of your truck. 6. Drop your box off at the location shown. Congratulations you have completed your first run! Keep going from location to location! Remember, Don't speed or you may get pulled over.
    • Welcome to American Dream Gaming, This link will help anyone new to the community create a character and get started in our city! Hope this helps everyone and get out there and start meeting new people!   Welcome To American Dream Gaming - YouTube   Please check out frequently-asked-questions in the discord channel for more helpful info!
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