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The thrill of community interaction, friendship, and most important; loyalty. Founded in March of 2017, American Dream Roleplay has grown to impressive heights. Click below to connect to the server!

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    Here at ADRP we are a 100% non for profit community. Every cent donated to the website, contributes towards keeping this amazing community on its feet and running better than ever before. These goals can only be achieved with YOUR help! Every time someone donates to ADRP it keeps us running. Through generosity like this, we have been happily providing the best that we can for the community. If you like ADRP and can help us to continue to build and be the best community this side of the milky way, show your support with a donation!

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    • Now this is a overkill build. i wish i had the money for a build like this.
    • I believe Corporal Weinstein is by far the best nomination for NRP. Knowing him personally, I have gotten to see his growth in RP since the start of both his criminal and police rp. He has done a-static police interactions, and always excites during criminal rp. I and many other believe that Weinstein is great for NRP.
    • A multi-millionaire, entrepreneur, IT capitalist's born back in 1997. Moving to a new city to expand my company and bring more employees to the city. Hoping to meet new people, create friendships and bring joy to the city, as well as lifting everyone up. I started a IT software company called, Intellicorp. We specialize in cyber security and fraud detection. 
    • Name: Sir Deadpool. Age: 27 Location: Australia Occupation: Unemployed/Entertainer for friends. Hobbies: Gaming, Anime, RP, talking with friends. About me:   Growing up on the gold coast i had a fun childhood while growing up even though i was a little shit and trouble maker sometimes. I enjoy playing games with friends as it makes the days more fun and enjoyable as i love to give entertainment. You might find me a bit annoying at first but I'm only wanting to play games with people and also make friends. I'm not the easiest to chat with as i am on the social disorder spectrum of Asperger's syndrome. When you get to know me im quite open about my self and im not afraid to show who i am. PS. Ive wanted to join this server and community as i have been refered by Bashinskulls as i am one of his viewers and also Mod's in his stream.
    • Hello! I’m officially registered! 
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