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The thrill of community interaction, friendship, and most important; loyalty. Founded in March of 2017, American Dream Roleplay has grown to impressive heights. Click below to connect to the server!

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    • i miss the city please forgive we 
    • dear community and staff ive bin ban perma for reasons that fail rp im truly sr and love this community my character is a dick sometimes in game im really not like that in person with that being said ill dull vinny down a lot so i don't put me or others in not fun ITERACTIOS  please pardon me i know there are many people that enjoy my company in the city and i really enjoy everyone's company if i ever put a bad taste in your mouth sry it was just meant for in game i hope to stay until im to old to play  because i know ADG will be here long after big or small here we are what the community is the ones here everyday they can be i enjoy every moment im in this city thank you......   VINNY PASTELLA
    • 1- Head to the job center on Alta St, go inside the building and into the circle and press E  2- Select the Miner job  3- Head over to You-Tool and buy a "pickaxe" for $100     -You will need cash, if you do not have $100 cash you are able to go inside of the You-tool and go into the left corner there will be an ATM there, press E on the ATM and type in 100 in the white box, then complete withdraw. This will only work if you have at least $100 in your bank account, once you are finished with your withdraw press log out     - To buy the pickaxe set your inventory number value to 1 and drag over the pickaxe into the left side inventory.      4- Now that you have your pickaxe go to the blip on your map "Miner: Cloakroom" it will be a brief case, head over there      5- Once you are at the cloakroom, there will be a red arrow, press E, and select clock on      6- Now head over to the blip on your map "Miner: Quarry"      7- It will not give you a pop up, instead open your inventory (F2) and drag the pickaxe icon over use, it'll show an animation of you hitting the ground. It'll start giving you random diamonds, rocks, and ores. You can hold more of these ores and diamonds by getting a stolen large truck or simple car. You can open the car/truck inventory by pressing G near the back of the car. Then drag over any items you want to store. Once you are done collecting you're ores. Drag the pickaxe over Use once again    8- Now head over to the "Miner: Processing" blip on your map. Head over to the machine in the middle of the work place, it'll give you a pop up for starting your processing, press E, and then use your arrow keys to navigate which material to process first, keep in mind that you need at least 9 of each material to complete the process. Once you find a material you want to process, press enter, and then press E to start the process, It'll give you a new item in your inventory. Congratulations you now have completed the processing.         9- Depending if you processed gold or iron you will head up to the "Miner: Iron and Gold Sell" if you did diamonds, head to "Miner: Jewerly Store" keep in mind the Jewerly store isnt the correct blip, you will actually have to head to the "Pawn Shop" blip on your map 10- Once you are at the Iron and gold selling place there will be a blue arrow, go into the arrow and press E, it will give you a pop up for how many materials you have and how much you can get for them, press enter on the price. Congrats, you just sold your iron and youre gold!         11- Once you are at the Pawn Shop, head to the right counter and it will say sell your diamonds, press E and then press enter on your diamonds, congrats you just sold all your diamonds!        
    • When someone is available we attempt to respond to all member applications and unban requests as soon as possible.  But unfortunately our full administration team is all volunteer work and people have real life priorities sorry for the inconvenience on the timing. 
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