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  5. Hello everyone how everything lol

  6. Welcome to American Dream, Enjoy!
  7. Hey wassup the names milk or fox! I go by a character I play in cities named fox who wears and fox mask and he stays very kind. I’m pretty chill and enjoy hanging out with people and having a good time!
  8. someone wanna stop billing me ???????????

  9. Guest

    Connection rejected

    I connected to the server and created my character. Then, I believe I began to load into the game. My FiveM crashed, and when I tried to load in again, my connection failed. "Connection rejected by Chubbs's server: There was an error loading your character! Error code: identifier-missing" and I cannot connect. Thank you for any help
  10. Welcome! Enjoy the show.
  11. Instant Replay is a feature that lets you capture what happened on your screen in the time period you set when you hit a key bind. This is a great feature to use when you want to capture something that happened. Did you get RDM-ed? Did you have a good interaction with someone? Something cool happened? You will be able to capture that into a clip that saves on your computer and share it how you want to. Depending on your setup, this guide will be different. 1. Nvidia Hit ALT + Z (or any other key bind you set up for Shadowplay UI) on your Desktop. This will show on your screen. If your instant replay is ON, turn it off by clicking on it and selecting "Turn off". Once it's off, click on the cog wheel on the far right to open the settings. Scroll down until you find "Privacy Control" and open it. Make sure this feature is ON. If you never used this software before, you will want to set up your audio too in the "Audio" tab that you can find when you open the cog wheel menu. There you will want to select your microphone so you can be heard on the clips you make. Once you turned Desktop capture on, go back all the way to the initial UI you see when opening Shadowplay and turn Instant Replay ON. You can now capture your gameplay in FiveM using shadowplay! 2. AMD --> https://www.nextofwindows.com/how-to-use-amd-relive-capture-screen-recording 3. OBS Studio -> https://www.obs.live/articles/2019/10/4/b6zieupip1h45bgewyvp6gamwube7g StreamLabs OBS -> https://streamlabs.com/content-hub/post/instant-replays-in-streamlabs-obs On OBS, the buffer will be displayed in a media source, you will have to record it with OBS once you got it playing back on screen.
  12. Just got a pc time to get into this rp
  13. Was everything sorted for you? @merciful
  14. Hi, I'm RS Republic. I used to help grinders in GTA online via Paragon until they shut down, now I'm here.
  15. Should of used the verbiage of IN THE CITY. Seems to get the best results
  16. Chachi

    Leon's Intro

    Proper read thanks for that !
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