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  4. i would like you to unban me plz
  5. Hello, Please post this topic in the correct area and follow the correct form for unban requests. https://americandreamgaming.com/index.php?/application/form/5-unban-request/
  6. Guest


    i got banned when i was in jail for no reason and i just want to play because all of my friends just got the game and i would love it if you guys unbanned me
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  8. Chubbs

    Change Log

    Fixed bank truck robberies issue of not spawning coke missions issue of truck not spawning being able to steer your car while in air repair kits to only repair enough to get your car to a mechanic revive notification when using defib removed 2nd tow truck in mechanic shop changed max bet in casino to 250k Vehicle Textures Assets Textures Changes Pay for hunting was raised Pay for robberies was raised Pay for lumberjack was raised Blackmarket location was changed New notifications for inventory Spawn system, when you die and force respawn you will be able to select to spawn Customs shops Custom RGB painting for vehicles Colored headlights in new customs is now available Lumberjack activity (all you need is a hatchet) K9 menu for cops (NPC dog that can sniff for drugs / attack) EUP menu for cops to access their outfits when clocking on. lockpick process Robbery system (no more waiting, must crack safes) Bank robberies (need a access card that you get from bank truck) Scoreboard Trailers to haul your own vehicles Queue based on Discord Taxi meter when you are a taxi driver Handcuff keys available in black market Please continue to use the bug reports and suggestions!
  9. I don't know if you are like me but staring at the same ui for so long get's boring. We will be redoing the whole of the inventory and bringing back dropping of items.
  10. Chubbs

    Speedshop Tunes

    We will be removing the player to player speed shop tunes. We are working on a system to where you can buy an item ex. stage 1, stage 2, stage 3 and this will perform the same tune on any car it's placed on. No special tunes.
  11. Chubbs

    New phone

    We have heard the complaints with our current phone. We are currently planning on changing the entire phone and the UI.
  12. Chubbs

    Taxi Meter

    Taxis will now have the ability to use a taxi meter to calculate the fee. Mouse enabled.
  13. We have had issues with this script in the past. We will be changing the script and adding extra features
  14. Chubbs

    New Queue

    Queue will now be based on Discord roles. You must have your profile synced on our website with your discord account for you to receive your roles when you purchase a subscription.
  15. Chubbs

    New Customs

    Our customs script is super outdated. We will be completely redoing it and adding more mods to buy. ex. Xenon headlight colors
  16. Is it possible to buy chips and convert them into in game money?
  17. Jones


    - Hunting pay has been increased. - Blackmarket location moved.
  18. Jones


    - Added support for new taxi to be used as a job vehicle
  19. Thank You for your suggestion. The Staff team is now voting on your suggestion @Camron Cosby
  20. Great guy knows how to rp, good streamer & a good friend.
  21. Both his cop and his crim is great literally the best rp I have seen
  22. I agree as well. I knos him more on his cop and he is always rping how a cop should and doing the job right
  23. he has some good roleplay on his blood and cop character
  24. Discord :Callsign Squirt#0051. Has some of the best rp while robbing banks. A very funny person who always changes it up. This dude is going places that others couldn’t achieve
  25. Chubbs

    Change Log

    Brand new tattoo system has been released. All tattoos have been wiped on every character. You will need to reapply your tattoos.
  26. One of my favorite moments was one that slightly broke character but spawned some of the best quotes we had last year. From Pauls "What the hell?" do rocky trying to assure us we would be okay. Well we all know how this flight ends. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKpyPONKyO4&feature=youtu.be
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