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  3. You guys fucked me thanx i love this place 

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  7. -Add a marker to casino,I was here for so long and just now I realize it is a casino LOL And maybe more games to casino. -Add a car second hand marker to the map where players can sell the cars (someone told me around docks I have no idea what is that,specially new players have no idea where to look for cars since car delear its closed half of the day) -More food to the market we only have bread and some Somon -More jobs and please don't make them so complicated like WTF is this, so you go fishing but wait u need a boat ok, a license,netting,after wait you need to get wood somehow to cook the fish because that what you do in real life you don't sell the fish raw you have to cook it on the sea ...and after all of that you get 1k,there is no way in the world a new player can do that job the job center should be easy jobs not complicated like in the past fishing was great i don't know who developed the rest of the jobs, but they are kinda horrible, the only 2 good ones its post mail and meat process and mining but again a new guy won't be able to do it easy, so please take a look intro the jobs it's been 3 years and there are the same jobs it kinda went worst because 2 years ago the jobs were working fine trash pickup etc That should be it for now the job suggestion it might take time but as I mentioned it been 2 years and a half and nothing changed that can help in any way the new players, so the markers should be added at least asap that its nothing too hard to do and it helps, thanks !
  8. i miss the city please forgive we
  9. dear community and staff ive bin ban perma for reasons that fail rp im truly sr and love this community my character is a dick sometimes in game im really not like that in person with that being said ill dull vinny down a lot so i don't put me or others in not fun ITERACTIOS please pardon me i know there are many people that enjoy my company in the city and i really enjoy everyone's company if i ever put a bad taste in your mouth sry it was just meant for in game i hope to stay until im to old to play because i know ADG will be here long after big or small here we are what the community is the ones here everyday they can be i enjoy every moment im in this city thank you...... VINNY PASTELLA
  10. GR Legendz

    render bug

    i need help to fix my render bug i am having in game with street signs, players, owned vehicles and other items of that sort. this bug makes it hard to have fun in game because i get yelled at every time im on duty for SSR and i go back to the shop after a call and i just ruin peoples vehicles and sometimes kill them.
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  12. Ok so from my experience over 10,000 hours of playing different types of RP (mainly a3l) its looking very bad to be a member of SLT or Lead team and also to be a high rank in Police,I am not saying if you are an admin you are not allowed as an officer, the max rank should be serg because like this other players won't have space and prob never be able to be High command, but its not just that its just not right so I hope the SLT team will look intro this and see my point of view but its just not ok to be like this, not even for the community face.
  13. Rush

    Miner Job Guide

    1- Head to the job center on Alta St, go inside the building and into the circle and press E 2- Select the Miner job 3- Head over to You-Tool and buy a "pickaxe" for $100 -You will need cash, if you do not have $100 cash you are able to go inside of the You-tool and go into the left corner there will be an ATM there, press E on the ATM and type in 100 in the white box, then complete withdraw. This will only work if you have at least $100 in your bank account, once you are finished with your withdraw press log out - To buy the pickaxe set your inventory number value to 1 and drag over the pickaxe into the left side inventory. 4- Now that you have your pickaxe go to the blip on your map "Miner: Cloakroom" it will be a brief case, head over there 5- Once you are at the cloakroom, there will be a red arrow, press E, and select clock on 6- Now head over to the blip on your map "Miner: Quarry" 7- It will not give you a pop up, instead open your inventory (F2) and drag the pickaxe icon over use, it'll show an animation of you hitting the ground. It'll start giving you random diamonds, rocks, and ores. You can hold more of these ores and diamonds by getting a stolen large truck or simple car. You can open the car/truck inventory by pressing G near the back of the car. Then drag over any items you want to store. Once you are done collecting you're ores. Drag the pickaxe over Use once again 8- Now head over to the "Miner: Processing" blip on your map. Head over to the machine in the middle of the work place, it'll give you a pop up for starting your processing, press E, and then use your arrow keys to navigate which material to process first, keep in mind that you need at least 9 of each material to complete the process. Once you find a material you want to process, press enter, and then press E to start the process, It'll give you a new item in your inventory. Congratulations you now have completed the processing. 9- Depending if you processed gold or iron you will head up to the "Miner: Iron and Gold Sell" if you did diamonds, head to "Miner: Jewerly Store" keep in mind the Jewerly store isnt the correct blip, you will actually have to head to the "Pawn Shop" blip on your map 10- Once you are at the Iron and gold selling place there will be a blue arrow, go into the arrow and press E, it will give you a pop up for how many materials you have and how much you can get for them, press enter on the price. Congrats, you just sold your iron and youre gold! 11- Once you are at the Pawn Shop, head to the right counter and it will say sell your diamonds, press E and then press enter on your diamonds, congrats you just sold all your diamonds!
  14. schwiftiii

    un ban app

    When someone is available we attempt to respond to all member applications and unban requests as soon as possible. But unfortunately our full administration team is all volunteer work and people have real life priorities sorry for the inconvenience on the timing.
  15. very  bored really want to play im now waiting on a appeal please let me in i beg you

  16. Jimmy Conway

    un ban app

    how long does it take for someone to look aat you app
  17. I wanted to start this thread because we were reminiscing in gen chat last night but wanted to outline some of the things that have kept me here and continue to drive rp for me. If the game mechanic is still in or not if its new or old I would love to hear some of your favorite moments/stories you have as well but I can start with my 3 favorite early moments that really made me not want to leave. Keep in mind at the time we have 70 people ques so it was dedication to play. All three take place in 2019. As legion is now when I first joined it was the place to store and get your cars. May have been the only garage if my memory severs me correct. But when restarts would happen people would flock to pg to make sure when you reloaded you could just get your car and go. With 5 minutes till restart we had maybe 40 people in the pg standing around and one person hops onto the car and says "HELLL YEAH" and raises his arms. As if the other 39 people on the ground were the aliens from toy story seeing the claw we all raised our hands and said "helll yeah" right back. Now it may seem tiny but I think for a good 6 months this became one of the most popular god damn phrases we said in the city and I eventually did it in IRL and facepalmed so hard it went out the back of my head. The second one is a cop story, how as a department we decieded to go on a fishing trip. We go out and are listening to music laughing but run out of gas. Another person is going by with his bout and about 15 sheriffs board his boat and ask him for a ride. We all had a great time he then applied and became a cop and worked his way up the ranks pretty good. The last is one of the times I laughed the hardest. We were at a gang controlled location, no one was speaking all guns out waiting and watching one spot. Someone walks in super late and puts us all on alert. He joins the group and it went quiet again until this one person who could not sit in silence any longer starts singing Bhad Bhabie. When I say I almost passed out from laughter I put down my headset and had to stand up I needed air that bad. So many good memories and unfortunately a lot of people from these stories have moved on lost interest over time or didn't have the time but a few of the OG's from this are still around.
  18. Welcome great story I cant wait to meet you in the city!
  19. Wow very great writing, honestly felt like I was starting a new book when I began to read. Also love the name! Welcome
  20. im on whenever you can help i have a garage spot


  21. "After five years on the East Coast, it's time to go home..." -Carl Johnson -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ My parents named me after my twin brother. He was born first. My parents aren't the creative type. Me and him, we grew up in Liberty City trying to get into a career involving cars. Race cars, Police cars, RC cars, don't matter... just... cars. He would drive them into a tree, I would be the one buffing out the dents. We dreamed of flying out to Los Santos to enjoy the car culture out West; namely the various imports that've spent their lives in the warm climate, free of rust, which is a luxury where we are from. Eventually we graduated high school and saved enough money working at the shop to finally make the move. The moment we'd been working for basically our whole lives. This is it! -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ "After five minutes in Los Santos, My brother got shot..." -Terry Dacktyll II (That's me!) -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ Literally. Five minutes. A friend had picked us up from the airport. He was going to give us the grand tour; the landmarks, the big Vinewood sign... But we hadn't even made it onto the freeway when some fucker in a mask rolled up and shot at us. I can't remember much except the sound of it all. GRRATATATATA WOOSH WHIZ. The glass crackling onto the asphalt, the echo bouncing off the overpass... I hear it still today & My ears ring because of it. It didn't make sense. We didn't know who he was. He didn't want the car. He wasn't aiming at anyone in particular. Why the hell did this happen to happen? Just... an abundance of these fucking unanswered questions that poke at my sanity. But the question that bothers me the most is, "What do I want to do about it?"
  22. Bro I thought he already had this shit. GRAVY FTW
  23. welcome to adg! cant wait to see ya in the city.
  24. wow i already like this guy looking forward to RP with Welcome to American Dream Roleplay Gaming
  25. Welcome to the city!
  26. Chang deserves to be locked up!!!
  27. Chang ended up developing a Napoleon complex, during his rise to campus security guard. leading him into thinking he could take back Greendale community college using children as his public enforcement officers, as well as the cheap labor. Yes Shirley became an obsession of his following the divorce from his wife. She was a women who had attempted college almost 20 years prior to coming to Greendale and was a student of professor Chang's. He admitted to her prior to him losing his job that he had feeling for her. This was before he was pepper sprayed and had a restraining order put on him. At a Halloween party the student body had roofied the punch that both Shirley and Chang drank at a student gathering. Chang had recalled the actions that he must have done with Shirley and claims that he had done the deed with Shirley.
  28. The fake firefighter of Los Santos and sort of Blaine county is not only an impersonator of the SAFD but an arsonist and plain criminal. Firefighter spent his days as a mechanic and high profile criminal while owning the company of Southend Mechanics. As the kind samaritan he is he gave away his business shares to the people who thought could run it better. These actions also show his real character late on in his journey. Firefighter than released the big money in cocaine and meth market. Firefighter gathered a bunch of his old time buddies and started pushing cocaine around the county and city. In an attempt to cover his shenanigans up, he made up the excuse of "fire fighting". This excuse ran solely on his outfit and helmet, and his fake stories of "saving a cat out of a tree by shooting it", firefighter was not only a down right criminal but also an arsonist. He would make attempts to pour gasoline on his enemies and set them ablaze, or lock his enemies in a car and through the car into a gas station. He would easily get away with this kind of stuff, including kidnappings played off by "teaching fire safety". Firefighter then started to get exposed for his fraudulent identify, where he started to go as a "business man" where he now works at dynasty 8. As well as getting recruited by the "Banditos"
  29. Welcome to the City!
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