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  2. Issue: Even with an empty inventory, I am unable to buy a gas can from the stations because of the inventory size of the can. Even if it's just to put it in my trunk, I cannot even hold it. Maybe the size should be reduced so we can use it? Reproduction Steps: 1. Go to any gas station with sufficient money of at least $30 2. Attempt to purchase gas can ----------------------------- Error: Gas Can cannot be bought because I am "unable to hold the item" due to inventory limits Expected Results: Gas can can be carried around, even if it takes up a reasonable inventory space.
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  4. i found a dashcam mod and thought it would be cool and very immersive for the police force https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/dashcam-v
  5. Last week
  6. I was just on a friends server and they had a script where they could put pedal bikes, dirt bikes, and atvs in the bed of pickup trucks. and i thought thats a cool feature and that it would add for some more fun roleplay and could make some intresting scenarios.
  7. I’d like to have the the 2003 Audi rs6 and the 2000 Audi b5 s4 added to do there being a lack of older Audi’s in that category for car sales. The 3rd vehicle is a shifter cart which now brings me info the fun activities/ pass times. One would be to have a big empty warehouse somewhere with a indoor go kart track. Either it could be owned as a business or just a place with the track and you go and rent the carts and race by making a track in the menu. The other activities would be golfing and tennis. I’d love to see them because then I can be a true wealthy person and go golfing with the other rich folk or play some tennis. —these are the links for the vehicles— Rs6- https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2003-audi-rs6-add-on-replace b5s4- https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2000-audi-s4-add-on-replace shifter kart/go kart- https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/shifter-kart-125cc-addon-replace
  8. Free

    Robbing Someone

    I remember playing on a different place, their robbing system was similar to what it is on here. However, you can see what weapons are on the person but you physically can't take them. In my opinion, I feel like that's fair game. You know what they have on them, so you're prepared for any surprises. And you would also give the person being robbed a chance to hand over there gun if they want to live, etc.
  9. I used to be a scuba diver, have been on the boat in the city here at ADRP, i was thinking about other things to do in the city when your not working or just wanna change it up a little, i am suggesting a scuba diving/training/guided tours. where a few players can run the business to make a little money, and other civilians in the city can pay to be taken out on a boat to go scuba diving and discover broke down ships, planes etc... i have a friend that has been in the city with me for quite some time that would be very interested in being part of that if it is brought up in the community meeting.
  10. Got caught in between two feuding gangs last night and I found myself being honestly scared! Really good rp!
  11. i 100% agree on this god dang ol billy ray always cracks you up and sometimes even has a real impact drill next to him for rp scenarios just next level stuff have you ever seen there pit crew at ssr working on a car absolutely mind boggling props to this guy!!
  12. He is a good role model for SpeedShop Repairs and every interaction with him is always great and they can be funny sometimes.
  13. With the new changes to vehicles offroad, it seems the truck used for the tanker job was hit a little too hard. It is now impossible to drive the tanker truck to the drill site with the tanker attatched. If you disconnect the tanker you can limp to the site barely however the tanker is where a lot of the gas is stored so its not something you would just want to abandon.
  14. i vote yes, but he scares me so i try to hide if i see him around but hes fun to rp with
  15. This man deserves NRP more than anyone else in my opinion, he goes above and beyond when attempting to make sure that EVERYONE involved in his rp scenarios. He creates amazing and hilarious scenarios that can change the mood of someone within seconds. He's a great guy in and out of character.
  16. Brabbs

    Slot machine

    Suggesting that we make the amount of chips you can put into the machine higher. its 1k atm and it gets irritating haveing to put chips in again everytime u lose 1k. And also add a auto start so u can click a button and not have to click again untill u win.
  17. All am a say is he is an amazing ropeplayer every situation i see him in he provide some of the best rp in the server maybe even the best rp.
  18. Every encounter is always funny / good experience. This man deserves NRP.
  19. all im going to say is facts ^^^^
  20. this is very good. his cop is funny as hell and on his crim he makes the best rp scenes for us cops. We got in a 2 hour shootout and he was doing nothing but joking around and being amazing, He deserves this more than anyone.
  21. I 100% agree Phillip is hilarious and provides great RP whenever I come into contact with him.
  22. Every situation i come in contact with this man always leaves me smiling cause of the good rp he provides everyone in the community
  23. I honestly have no idea how Phil does not have NRP yet! In every scenario he makes it funny and always in character. No one would disagree on giving him NRp
  24. This man definitely needs NRP every situation with him is hilarious i don't know one person in the city that could disagree
  25. Welcome to the city!
  26. Jones


    A police tablet will be avaliable for cops in the armory next restart! @Mosh@Jack White
  27. Jones


    Changed Status to Accepted
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