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  2. Fixed Flickering and people disappearing in the following interiors Pillbox Medical MRPD (possibly) Car dealership Multiple fire stations
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  4. Great roleplayed love going pit bike racing stays in charcter and in general is awesome at rp
  5. Great role player, makes all the interactions interesting and fun. stays in character and seems to always be in the city to meet up and have a good conversation with.
  6. fun to rp with, always gets you laughing, knows everyone fun to hang with and mess around with
  7. Last week
  8. Love hanging down at NLT with Bronson and his boys or riding harleys. Good RP'er and good guy.
  9. stays in character all the time no matter what the situation. Great character to interact with and always makes the rp fun and interesting. Like the time he was selling cars and explaining what's under the cars hood to the new people and the advantages and disadvantages of all the cars. Or when he flipped over the highway re-enacting a dare devil.
  10. Dude Steve is the man. Everytime I see him I will stop to talk to him because his characters are great and he plays them very well. If nayone should get this Steve is on the top of the list.
  11. Every time I speak to mark it is always a great experience +1 from me
  12. Pax

    Switch Characters

    The reason we don't have that now is exactly the reason you want it. People not having to log out to switch would make waiting to join the server a much longer wait and unfair to other members. With the switch and going back into Que gives you as the player the time needed to switch gears and mindset into another character and not carry over from experiences your other char.
  13. Moose has detailed locations for all your criminal activities! FIND MOOSE TODAY! No city hold Moose back! I got family! #Justice4Moose

    1. Newton Coachenski

      Newton Coachenski

      weird since illegal activities dont work off locations anymore. Havent for almost a  month now. 

    2. MooseJuice


      and while you're misdirected over here... allow me to produce the trick over there. but you seem to know everything about the server, so you good. 😉

  14. Hey guys, I’m Ricky Jones. Just moved to the city, hoping to start a new life here in Los Santos. I was born March 4th 1994, I was in the FBI before coming here. Decided it was time for something new, I’m currently a new pilot at LS Airport doing deliveries to Blaine county and Paleto Bay. I hope to find some friends along the way. Thanks for the read!
  15. +1 he's a great mechanic and a great rp'er in general
  16. rocky


    a impound would be great so you dont have to wait for restart
  17. I personally think Leroy Bean is a good rper he never broke character and I've also met his ems character which he didn't break character. He is very known through a lot of people and while playing with him it was very fun encountering him making them very entertaining. His discord is Leroy Bean#3291
  18. Like the title says above, I cannot access trunks on only one of my characters, EVER. I have tried flying in and out when it doesn't work, I try opening the trunk everytime i fly in and no luck ever. All my other characters however, can open a trunk perfectly fine with no issues. Talked to staff in game about it, they told me to make a bug report.
  19. Moose might be banned from the city, but his knowledge stays pure. HMU if you a rp criminal looking for some dank info on dank locations in the city! Moose has got the connections to help you out! #Justice4Moose

  20. I would agree with this. Steve is ALWAYS in character, and plays his role VERY well on all interactions I've seen with him.
  21. Changelog 05/26/2020 Following up recent rule changes, a new in-game mechanic has been introduced. In case you were not familiar, you now have to announce a weapon when initiating from a vehicle. With this change we have enabled a RP way of announcing a weapon. Changed: - You can no longer use your weapons wheel to select a weapon inside a vehicle before "Unholstering" the weapon - New F2 inventory function for weapons that can be used inside vehicles - You can no longer shoot for a long period of time as the driver, other passengers however, can still shoot for a longer time from inside a vehicle - Hidden ease of life feature related to the new feature, find out in-game! How to use the new vehicle weapon system 1. When inside a vehicle press F2 and drag the weapon you want to use into the "USE" slot in the middle of the HUD 2. Select your weapon and shoot while you can! RP NOTIFICATION The notification can be displayed in three colors; green, orange and red. If the text is GREEN then anyone who's in close, visible range of you or your vehicle will see that you unholstered a weapon. If the text is ORANGE it means you have unholstered your weapon in a fast manner and the person who can see the notification is now aware that you have done something inside the vehicle. If the text is RED it means that NOBODY OUTSIDE THE VEHICLE can see that you unholstered your weapon in-RP, the notification will still show to avoid false reports. What if the window/s are broken? If the windows of your vehicle are broken or down, no matter if your message is marked RED, it can still be seen by the person right next to your vehicle! E.g; police officer on a traffic stop standing right next to your window can see you reach if your window is damaged or non existing.
  22. Would be great for people to switch characters in game without having to re log and wait just to play on another character
  23. Ray Palmer Ray is still working for the Downtown Cab Co while maintaining a low profile while doing so. The heat around the big heist they did has started to cool off, ray reads the papers everyday and makes sure he is up to date. He is still trying to figure out a way to launder his money from the robbery. He still loves his job as a taxi driver and has been promoted to a manager for the company which is a great thing for Ray. Ray is still considering starting a business up for him self and who knows, that day might be closer than he thinks. He's started up a new hobby for him self which is drifting and racing! Ray loves the rush he gets when racing, he is not that good at it yet but he still enjoys it. He sometimes goes offroading as well if the weather is good. Ray Drifting Ray chatting with his fellow employees Ray Offroading
  24. American Dream Gaming, more like Communist Party Gaming. 

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    2. MooseJuice


      I've come to grips a while ago. Now I just do this to fill some time. You all are delusional. And that's fine. You can word your replies to make yourselves sound as good as you need to, but the truth is known. There is a reason why your members are leaving the community, whether dipping from the server all together or taking a nice break from the laziness within the community and the communist approach to the city day by day. I would 't take returning to this community as a compliment. Snowflakes aside, it's easy gaming and your server has no security for fun things to do. Crime is easy when no one is banned for "dank hacks" in the server. But that's alright... I'm sure there's no way I'll ever get back in the server... certainly not through vpns, alt steam accounts, etc... Moose will always live on in your city. His influence will always shine bright. The people love Moose more than they love Communist Dream Gaming! RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE!

    3. Newton Coachenski

      Newton Coachenski

      Thanks for the update. Make sure your tinfoil hat is strapped tight. It should be a fun ride. 

    4. MooseJuice


      That's what I keep telling your mom 😉

  25. Stoner Steve i think should deserve noticed roleplay because he never breaks role while playing and he is known by a lot of people within the city who i think would agree even when he started his company attack a taco he didn't break character he stayed in character and made everyone RP the best he could while being there.
  26. Would be great to see a compass and a street name hud. Would be better then the N on the mini map and the street name in the bottom right and if it could be toggled like the ui.
  27. Jones


    - New Police MDT/CAD
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