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  4. I believe Corporal Weinstein is by far the best nomination for NRP. Knowing him personally, I have gotten to see his growth in RP since the start of both his criminal and police rp. He has done a-static police interactions, and always excites during criminal rp. I and many other believe that Weinstein is great for NRP.
  5. Jon Dice

    Jon Dice

    A multi-millionaire, entrepreneur, IT capitalist's born back in 1997. Moving to a new city to expand my company and bring more employees to the city. Hoping to meet new people, create friendships and bring joy to the city, as well as lifting everyone up. I started a IT software company called, Intellicorp. We specialize in cyber security and fraud detection.
  6. Name: Sir Deadpool. Age: 27 Location: Australia Occupation: Unemployed/Entertainer for friends. Hobbies: Gaming, Anime, RP, talking with friends. About me: Growing up on the gold coast i had a fun childhood while growing up even though i was a little shit and trouble maker sometimes. I enjoy playing games with friends as it makes the days more fun and enjoyable as i love to give entertainment. You might find me a bit annoying at first but I'm only wanting to play games with people and also make friends. I'm not the easiest to chat with as i am on the social disorder spectrum of Asperger's syndrome. When you get to know me im quite open about my self and im not afraid to show who i am. PS. Ive wanted to join this server and community as i have been refered by Bashinskulls as i am one of his viewers and also Mod's in his stream.
  7. Hello! I’m officially registered!
  8. Welcome Mando. We hope you enjoy your stay! Other than that not to much to go off of with your introduction. Hopefully this will be your permanent city.
  9. Hey everyone! I'm Mando Lorain. I just moved here from another city. I just graduated law school, and I am hoping to get a job with the police department in this wonderful city! I grew up in Maryland with my parents, and I lived there all my life. I moved here because I want a fresh start with new people! I can't wait to meet everyone around the city!
  10. Tyreall just out here looking for fun situations for everyone lol. Glad yall enjoy him. Thanks for the nomination.
  11. I've Been a bunch of scenarios with Tyreall and every experience with him is always funny this man deserves NRP.
  12. Tyreall has to be one of the best crims to chase in 10-80s. This man is hilarious with his RP. He deserves NRP!!!!
  13. Hey i was wonder could we possibly include more drugs and ways to make and deal drugs in the city such as heroin, fentanyl, acid, Xanax etc because atm there are only 3 drugs which are weed, crack and meth.
  14. Chubbs

    Change Log

    Fixed Dogs not able to detect all drugs All police should now get notified of robberies Notifications for robberies Optimized a ton of scripts for performance work vehicle spawner fixed /keybinds command Mechanics not able to adjust profit percentages Improved Repair kits have been improved along with progress and animation Weapon Damage Weapon Range of multiple weapons. Short range guns hold more power, long range or high fire rate hold less power Global store and bank robberies Added flee notifications for robberies Alert on banks happen soon as the alarm is triggered Reduced the length of the driving test New Liveries now available in customs Added headlight colors shown in menu When reloading if you have a clip it will auto use the item Option to see your business funds Choose spawn menu when you die Clothing for taxi job EUP Clothes thanks to our new eup dev (Johnson)
  15. Hello, Please post this topic in the correct area and follow the correct form for unban requests. https://americandreamgaming.com/index.php?/application/form/5-unban-request/
  16. Guest


    i got banned when i was in jail for no reason and i just want to play because all of my friends just got the game and i would love it if you guys unbanned me
  17. Chubbs

    Change Log

    Fixed bank truck robberies issue of not spawning coke missions issue of truck not spawning being able to steer your car while in air repair kits to only repair enough to get your car to a mechanic revive notification when using defib removed 2nd tow truck in mechanic shop changed max bet in casino to 250k Vehicle Textures Assets Textures Changes Pay for hunting was raised Pay for robberies was raised Pay for lumberjack was raised Blackmarket location was changed New notifications for inventory Spawn system, when you die and force respawn you will be able to select to spawn Customs shops Custom RGB painting for vehicles Colored headlights in new customs is now available Lumberjack activity (all you need is a hatchet) K9 menu for cops (NPC dog that can sniff for drugs / attack) EUP menu for cops to access their outfits when clocking on. lockpick process Robbery system (no more waiting, must crack safes) Bank robberies (need a access card that you get from bank truck) Scoreboard Trailers to haul your own vehicles Queue based on Discord Taxi meter when you are a taxi driver Handcuff keys available in black market Please continue to use the bug reports and suggestions!
  18. I don't know if you are like me but staring at the same ui for so long get's boring. We will be redoing the whole of the inventory and bringing back dropping of items.
  19. Chubbs

    Speedshop Tunes

    We will be removing the player to player speed shop tunes. We are working on a system to where you can buy an item ex. stage 1, stage 2, stage 3 and this will perform the same tune on any car it's placed on. No special tunes.
  20. Chubbs

    New phone

    We have heard the complaints with our current phone. We are currently planning on changing the entire phone and the UI.
  21. Chubbs

    Taxi Meter

    Taxis will now have the ability to use a taxi meter to calculate the fee. Mouse enabled.
  22. We have had issues with this script in the past. We will be changing the script and adding extra features
  23. Chubbs

    New Queue

    Queue will now be based on Discord roles. You must have your profile synced on our website with your discord account for you to receive your roles when you purchase a subscription.
  24. Chubbs

    New Customs

    Our customs script is super outdated. We will be completely redoing it and adding more mods to buy. ex. Xenon headlight colors
  25. Is it possible to buy chips and convert them into in game money?
  26. Jones


    - Hunting pay has been increased. - Blackmarket location moved.
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