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  • Limited/slow download speeds

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    Download speeds dropping to as low as 0.5 Mbps

    About a month ago I started having issues with this server, tested with other servers and most of them work fine, the issue replicates on only few other NA servers.When I started playing everything was fine and as the updates were done to the server my download speed fell lower and lower, I'm currently downloading server files with 50 Kbps...

    I've checked my internet, everything is okay, I've used a VPN to connect and still get the same issue, I tried on two different machines with two different accounts and I still get this issue on both machines, it's like my connection is being limited to the server.
    While testing everything I've turned off Win defender, firewall and my anti-virus but nothing from those was blocking it, made all the firewall exceptions.
    I've heard some people complain they have a similar issue when downloading "bradleycars" resource, a fellow Marshall couldn't download server files for a day because of how slow it was or it was getting stuck.
    I've been keeping my eye out on the resource manager and I can see the download starting at 20-30 Mbps and dropping to 0.5-1 Mbps in an instant.



    I'm out of ideas and I really need help, it's unbearable to play with my connection to the server being so slow..

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