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    • Pendling

    I think there is an issue with one car, i ll not mention the model in this report, it starts when i bought this car and then put it into the garage and it was added to the list of my cars the problem appears when i went with "another car" to the mech shop and customize the last one when i get back to the grage i found that the grage swap the last bought car with this one and it was not a duplicate, it has a new license plate.

    When this happen to me the first time i was able to speak with Chief Justice Russo on discord who give me a refund of this car because it seems like i didn't managed to get my car.

    Then i was able to buy again this car and i managed to put it in the garage then when i was chilling around i found another car , it cost 4 times the price of this car, so i decided to troll the owner and change the color at the mech shop then when i went to the garage i found out that now i have this car on my car list and the other one is gone.

    This issue happened  twice with this Car. I think if someone else use this bug he will be able to swap this car with any other car.

    If you want the car model you Can DM on discord or ingame.


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