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    • Pendling

    The crips get all special powers and perks with the admins. They can do what ever they want they get what ever they want. Today one crip died instantly got revived. They have all insane weapons because admins give it to them. Admins then defend them when they are caught red handed RDMING. Today one crip was caught out in middle of no where and was headshot and killed. Then I left the scene 25 mins later my friends. Unarmed and Did not even help kill him just stood there and watched. crips then later roll up and gun them down and RDM them. How did they KNOW WHERE HE WAS? Crazy facts. Server manager btw defended them. Claimed my friends sat in a bush. 


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    I hate having to respond to these things but here goes. 

    What actually happened was

    1. Multiple Crips kill a guy in the middle of no where after having him at gun point and him pulling a gun out. 

    2. One Crip later tells rest of crips hes going to check on the guys body  to make sure he didnt get some one to revive him.

    3. When the one Crip arrives at the body location he finds two guys and again puts them at gun point but once again they pull a gun and the crip gets shot.

    4. The Crip calls out in crip voice chat hes been shot.

    5. We knowing where he was going follow up and go check on him. When we arrive hes dead on the ground and at least one guy is near a bush hiding near him. We open fire on the guy hiding thinking its an ambush. 

    Like i explained to you in admin waiting with another admin there. I can not deal with situations im involved in. A admin needs to deal with it if you think he shouldn't have communicated the fact he was shot. 


    1. We do not have special weapons a vast majority carry an ap and a chopped AK. 

    2. Admins do no give weapons out ( all hand to hand transactions and spawned in items are tracked) All our weapon and ammo purchess/transports (we rp these things out) are recorded

    and documented. On top of that a majority of the weapons are kept in my person safe and distributed as needed which i also openly record so it can be matched to our transport recordings. 

    3. It was not rdm as you guys were hiding in bushes next to our friends dead body after he had called out being shot.

    Again please feel free to file a report with a staff member if you feel a rule was broken. Crips do not get special treatment and our in gang punishments are added to any staff punishments inflicted. 

    Please if you are going to make posts like this include the entire story not just subjective bits.

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