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  • Server Rules.


    General Server Rules

    • Microphone/Voice Changer - A microphone is required to join the server. If caught without one you will be kicked, Voice Changers are also not allowed, if caught using one you will be warned and then kicked/banned. -Amendment** Unless used for a specific reason for specific roleplay purposes. IE Bullhorn from a cop car or voice scrambler with legitimate means of scrambling voice.**
    • No cheating or exploiting.
    • Use of client-side trainers, mod menus, or handling mods are strictly prohibited. Players are also NOT allowed receive money or objects spawned in by another player who is doing so illegitimately.
    •  Players can not use server bugs or game mechanics to exploit for personal gain. Players MUST report bugs immediately upon discovery.
    •     No arguing with, impersonating or pestering staff in-server, The staff has the final say -
    •     Players may not identify themselves as staff, put “[ADMIN]”, etc in front of their name or change their name color for the purpose to fool people into believing they are a staff member. In addition, players may also not falsely claim  themselves as a FiveM dev or moderator/ admin for our server.

            Our staff works hard to keep the server happy but also come on the server to enjoy their time. Please give staff time to get back to you and do not bug them. If they do not acknowledge, they may be busy with a situation and can not reply. 
            For server bugs, complaints, etc., players should go to the Discord.
            Staff members have final say in all matters. If you have an issue with a decision made by a staff member, do not argue with them or other players/staff. Please take it to our Discord.

    Disrespect - Swearing on the server is permitted but doing so excessively or in a manner that shows disrespect is not. No leaking/doxing of personal information, this will result in an automatic ban. Any use of sexist, homophobic or racist terms (in or out of character) is not permitted.

    AFK - Do not go AFK for periods longer than ten minutes, you will be kicked. Repeated AFK offenses may result in a ban. You are responsible for anything that happens when you are AFK. IE if you are arrested while afk you must roleplay it to the best of your ability. Being AFK is NOT an excuse.

    No metagaming, powergaming, or revenge killing - Metagaming is defined as using out of character information for in character use. Powergaming is defined as roleplaying on someone’s behalf or doing something without giving a person a chance to react, or forcing/manipulating information to favor your perspective in means that would not ring true. IE- If you kill someone in a place that would otherwise have witnesses or other means of police being able to prove your guilt, you must acknowledge and admit the evidence against you. Revenge Killing is killing someone after you “die” even though you should’ve forgotten who killed you (NLR states you forget the last 15 minutes leading up to your death, and or the reason why you were killed. IE if you were killed for knowing a location and they take 30 minutes or how ever long is needed to kill you, you WILL still forget the information you were explicitly killed for. TIME DOES NOT MATTER IN THESE CASES).
    RDM - Random Death Match. An RP interaction with a player must be established before you can kill someone, If you do not this is considered RDM. RVDM - Random Vehicle Deathmatch. Randomly running over others is not acceptable and will result in an instant ban. You can run someone over if they pose a threat or you have a sufficient character reason to do so. Police may pit maneuver with reason. Breaking RP - When in-game, you must never break character unless spoken to by an admin - there are no exceptions. Combat logging - Combat Logging will never be tolerated. Combat storing - Combat storing to avoid being robbed/arrested is not permitted. Chat - Using chat in a disrespectful manner will result in kicks and bans. If you are unhappy with a person, ask them to come to Discord and talk about it with a support member present. Saved Cars - Saved cars are subject to random removals, Possession of an item your not allowed will result in your saved vehicles being deleted, repeat offenses by multiple users will result in a random deletion of ALL users saved cars. Visual mods - we do allow visual mods as long as they don’t give you an unfair advantage.
     Character Rules:

    •     Logic - Always think logically when you’re in a situation, this is a roleplay server - you must act how your character would at all times.
    •     Value of Life - At all times you must value your life as if it was your last. If you're at a clear disadvantage, for example, a gun pointed to the back of your head whilst you're looking the other direction, you must comply with their demands.If you are outnumbered 3 to 1 you must comply.


    •         Terrorist RP - Terrorist roleplay is not acceptable under any circumstance. Terrorist RP will be defined by admin resolving situation, is not limited to "common principled Terrorism"


    •         Sniper RP - Sniper roleplay is not acceptable under any circumstance. Review Terrorist RP. Use of snipers is permited. Use of a sniper to commit RDM, or minimalistic rp or to gain clear and unjust advantage is not allowed.


    •         Hitman RP - Hitman roleplay is not allowed without prior admin approval.


    •         Nudity - Character models with nudity are permitted, but please keep in mind that people do stream. In addition, you can and will be arrested for indecent exposure.


    •         Impersonation of Emergency Services - Impersonation of Police/EMS/Military is forbidden. You may not use their character models.


    •         Suicide - If you wish to RP as a suicidal maniac, and the Police are unable to talk you down from the ledge, you must treat your subsequent character death as legitimate and request your character be deleted. Aswell you must not use this  character going forward until the admin team can remove your character from the DB.


    GTA Online Driving - Drive responsibly at all times unless you have adequate reasoning to do otherwise. Driving at speed is not the issue here but excessively passing through traffic and traffic lights is. Drifting around onto wrong lanes is also not acceptable. Attempts at stopping at traffic lights, obeying speed limits, driving in the correct lane, etc, should be made, especially in high population areas. NLR - New Life Rule. If you are declared dead you cannot return to the situation you were involved in, nor can you partake in it for 15 minutes. You can return with another character but may not get involved. If the situation moves location and you accidentally get caught up in it you must make all efforts to leave. -Amendment **Police are Exempt from this ruling, TO AN EXTENT. Should police be wounded or killed in a situation and they wait the minimum 5 minutes or are taken by medical to hospital or are cleared by medical on scene they can resume. If they are killed or taken to hospital they may rejoin the situation but only as drone officer. Drone Officers are officers who do not command the scene, question witnesses or become heavily involved in anyway UNLESS there is no other option but to do so Character Name must be realistic but not your real name. The point of RP is to become a new persona and play a different person not someone who already exists. You can not have the name of a famous person or infamous person.
    Combat Rules Guns - You must RP taking out your weapon. Police Must always secure weapons. IE you can not SLING large weapons and you can not place weapons on the ground. Same goes for civilians. Civilians can not sling or place weapons on ground and nor can they pick up or unsling weapons. Procedure for all weapons and how they can be introduce into rp is as follows. -Pistol's: Pistols can be introduced with no pre curser actions being taken UNLESS you are in a vehicle. Pistols can be used from vehicles but must be introduced with a /me. **POLICE are only permitted to use pistols from vehicles at low speeds while moving (35mph or lower) and only in low populations areas (NOT IN CITY CENTERS OR TOWS OR HIGH TRAFFIC AREAS). Police can discharge or point weapons from vehicles at a suspect on foot if the situation warrants it and ONLY if vehicle is stopped. -SMG's: SMG's can be introduced into rp only if you have a bag. If you have a bag you may pulled SMG from the bag. Otherwise you MUST take the SMG from somewhere you previously roleplayer putting it or from proprietary property. **POLICE MUST unrack from their cruiser, swat truck, riot truck, or armory. -MG's: MG's can only be introduce fomr proprietary property and/or a location that you had previously gone to and roleplayed placing. YOU MUST /ME when grabbing large weapons. -AR's: Reference MG -SHOTGUN's: Reference MG UNLESS it is a sawed off shot gun. -THROWABLE's: MUST be gotten from proprietary property.
    Civilian Rules
        Theft of Emergency Vehicles - Stealing Police, EMS, and Military vehicles is not allowed. Theft of Police, EMS and Military vehicles may result in kick or ban UNLESS you are a noticed roleplayer. In situations like such it will be admin discretion.
            Abusing Game Mechanics - Abuse is, but not limited to texting or tweeting while dead, abusing the Menus to perform unrealistic rp, abuse of animation or other bugs that would in anyway give you an advantage.

    This also includes spam punching. GTA mechanics allow players to spam punch other users witch stops other users from reacting, fighting back or roleplaying in general. THIS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Any other situation which may be considered abuse by staff will at staff discretion. 

    •         Cop Baiting - Cop baiting is not permitted: For example, taking actions in order to make the Police chase and/or engage with you, especially in order to start a firefight.


    •         Unrealistic Phone Use - Using a phone while in Police custody/Prison is considered failRP - this includes sending messages and tweeting.


    •         Unrealistic Revival PD - When you are revived, you’re in police custody until a member of the PD releases you. You may not simply run off once revived by an officer and must RP being in handcuffed.
    •         Unrealistic Revival EMS - When you are revived, you’re in medical custody until a member of EMS releases you. You may not simply run off once revived by a medic.
    • You cannot have SA Exempt plates unless you are approved to have it
    • You are not allowed to fly helicopters or aircraft unless you have a license to do so. 


    •         Kidnapping - EMS cannot be killed or kidnapped without sufficient reasoning to do so: i.e they refuse to cooperate even when threatened. POLICE can not be kidnapped unless there is 4 OTHER officers online. 
    • You Must be in a work vehicle to do your job
    •   No string robbing players/banks or camping locations to rob numerous players - If you decide to rob a player, bank or group of players in one location, you must wait at least 30 min before robbing another player, bank or group of players. Going around and robbing every player, bank you see does not benefit the roleplay on the server and if anything, diminishes it. Robbing a player or bank should be well thought out and should be fairly uncommon. String robbing players and banks will not be tolerated. In addition, sitting at a location and robbing every player who shows up is also not allowed. Robbing in a very public location is unrealistic and ruins the experience on the server. Be smart about who and where you rob.


    •     Leaving/Fleeing RP Scene - Players who re-inject themselves into an active roleplay scene to which they were involved and then fled/left, may be subject to a kick or ban. If you choose to flee/leave the scene you are expected to continue to remain at large.
    •  No jail evading or combat logging   Jail evading is when a player either attempts to respawn, disconnect, or otherwise cheat the system while in jail in order to prevent from fully serving jail time. Doing so is against the rules and will result in a Kick/Ban.
    •    Combat logging is purposely disconnecting or respawning to avoid death or even arrest in any situation. This breaks roleplay and is also against server rules and will result in a Kick/Ban.

    Zoning Rules:
        Emergency Buildings - All police, fire stations and hospitals are considered green zones. This means that violence near them is not tolerated. Violence includes but is not limited to shooting, fighting, vehicle assault, presenting firearms, or 
            anything that would result in injury or death. Admins have final say on what violates green zone rules..

            Fort Zancudo - Entering the military base is prohibited. This will be considered FailRP as you would not realistically be able to enter.

    •         Public Garage - These areas are places where all people must go into order to get their vehicles or start their rp for the day. People will loiter in these areas. You CAN NOT commit any sort of crime here. This includes drug deals, weapon deals  or any sort of criminal RP. ALL RP MUST start OUTSIDE of public garage should it be criminal in anyway.

    Dual Clanning NOT ALLOWED
        What constitutes dual clanning?
        Active member of another community.
        Contributes time/money/resources to another gaming community as opposed to ADRP.
        What is a "community?
        Any size group of gamers (even loosely organized), with their own VOIP, Forums, or Game Servers.

    All and ALL DON'T DO STUFF THAT'S NOT GOOD. Be reasonable and fair, kind and just and always civil outside of rp

    • TASER cannot be fired from a vehicle, you must be outside of a vehicle to discharge one NO Weapon Farming
    • NO RAPE RP !!!

    NO watching other ADRP members streams under ANY circumstances whilst you’re playing on the server, you either 
    focus on the stream and log off the server or you focus on roleplaying, doing both is not an option. If you’re 
    caught breaking this rule, if you had member tags, they will be revoked and a system of being kicked, banned for 
    24 hrs etc will be in place 
    TO CLARIFY You can only have 4 people for Robberies unless it is the Union Depository. You can rob the Union Depository with 7 people at MOST


    • You may only have a maximum of THREE whitelisted jobs across your characters. You may also only be apart of 3 whitelisted gangs across your characters.

    Rule clarification and changes after today's admin meeting. From this point forward in ALL ROBBERIES if you have a hostage they can not be apart of the robbery. If you are a fake hostage you WILL count as one of the members of the robbery. You CAN NOT rob banks with more then 4 people EXCLUDING hostages. IE if you are 5 people robbing a bank one of you must be the hostage and CAN NOT change to be a gunman at ANY POINT.

    Rule amendment. You are not allowed to rob people at any jobs collections, processing or selling points. Everything in between is fair game. THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO DRUGS


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