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  • ADRP shifts to ADG



    Hey there everyone!


    As you have probably noticed, American Dream Roleplay has been shifting lately to American Dream Gaming. In many areas and in many ways.

    • Our website name has been changed to https://americandreamgaming.com
    • The discord has been changed to match American Dream Gaming
    • Overhaul of our website where we are working on making it more accessible and professional
    • Social media outreach - showcasing your picture submissions and content created by the community


    Our community started in 2017 with one person and we have grown to masses of 10k members plus! We started out on FiveM creating a roleplay server so with one goal in mind we branded everything to roleplaying. We are ready to get out of just that one niche and branch out to other games that our users may enjoy while also growing the community. When we are locked into one niche of roleplaying we are restricting the community growth to just that. We would like to remove this restriction and  expand our community and our selection of games. 



    A multi-server gaming community that caters to more of your interests because not everyone always wants to play FiveM or roleplay. So we are working hard to bring new life to American Dream and expand our growth.


    What Our Members Say


    My time in ADRP has been great so far. I’ve enjoyed most of my time here and this is a great place for new rpers. The community that the server is surrounded by really makes the server what it is, and what attracted me to the server, and is the reason I’m still here

    - Binkuss



    My journey on ADRP began on april 2019. i fell in love with the server becuse of the way the community is. the peapole are friendly and the staff team is great. i have been having fun on ADRP for now a year straight i have been here countless hours playing and making friends and for RP. the server has been growing and so has the community and everyday it become a more amazing place not to just to RP but to also make amazing friends. thanks to our great developers the server keeps getting new features and make sure to have evreyones games running nice and smooth. new cars are always coming and new features are always being worked on and the best part is that they listen to the community and bring them new and funs things they ask for.




    ADRP is one of the few servers full of people who care, and it shows as I’ve been around for a long, long time now. There’s a little saying “Community is key” and that speaks volume for this city, whoever you’re taken “under the wing” by, you will be treated like family. Full of great people, great staff and even better Roleplay. There is always something going on, things changing, and new people arriving, but you don’t really understand properly until you jump into the city and speak to people, and actually immerse into the life. Overall, of my 15 months being here, I’ve met great people, and had great, great times.

    - Doyle



    When I first started looking into Gta5 RP back in 2018, a friend of mine recommended to me American Dream Roleplay. Since then, I haven't regretted joining the server. During my time here, I've gotten to meet a lot of people from all across the world and learn their stories and also the characters they portray. I've also made friends with some of them as well and we still play together on the server. I hope when you get into ADRP, that you enjoy the community as much as I did when I first started and I hope you enjoy your time here.  



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