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Police Department Application

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  • Make it clear which age is your characters and which age is OOC

    Are you able to speak and type in proper and fluent English.

    While considering which department you would like to apply for, keep in mind that you will be expected to patrol that designated area the vast majority of the time. Policies will restrict you from leaving your chosen department jurisdiction. Choose the department which will best suit your wants/needs.

  • DO NOT SEARCH THIS ON THE INTERNET! We would rather get a good understanding on what you know so it can be passed on to the FTO's so they can help you further in the academy.

  • 120 WORDS *minimum*.

  • *200 WORDS *minimum*.

  • *200 WORDS *minimum*.

  • In your answer, you should consider organising officers and your end goal and how exactly you're going to achieve it. *200 WORDS *minimum*.
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