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Federal Agency Application

Answer all of the questions below completely and with detail.

  • This will be the Agency you will join should you be accepted. Not all Departments are always hirring. Should you apply for a department or agency that is not hirring you will not be contacted until they are open to hirring again.

  • IE Johnsmith#0000

  • What is your age IRL?

  • Have you already completed your membership aplication prossess?

  • On another character or on the character appling for this possition are you Police, SAHP, BCSO or SAFD?

  • This is your oppurtunity to realy explain what it is that makes you want to join them and make your case as to why you should be selected over other candidates.

  • Character development and complex creation of backstory for characters or at the very leased a history on ADRP help to place your personality and determine the volitity of your personality.
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